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Targeted nanoparticles for cancer treatment

In collaboration with Profs S. Lucas, Ph. Martinive (ULg),  O. Feron (FATH, UCL), B. Gallez (REMA, UCL), D. Bonifazi (Cardiff University), Drs A-H. Heuskin, R. Marega, S. Li and PhD student (S. Penninckx)

Targeted nanoparticlesNanoparticles are generally defined as particles with a diameter in the nanometer size range; enabling to directly interface with life at the subcellular scale. In this context, the University of Namur has investigated the great potential of hybrid gold nanoparticles (AuNP) as platforms for cancer theranostics, being able to act both as agents for diagnostic imaging and radiation therapy. Indeed, gold particles have emerged as promising radiosensitizers achieving significantly elevated radiation dose upon irradiation, thus increasing the effectiveness of radiation therapy. By decorating the gold nanoparticles through an organic polymer coating strategy with antibodies (mAb) that target the tumor cells, the radiosensitizing effect is focused to the tumor and not to normal tissues. In addition, targeted gold nanoparticles can serve as imaging contrast agents supporting better tumor localization and thus improving treatment accuracy. This is the objective of the current project.

In addition, further increase the theranostic applications, the suitability of such AuNP-mAb as a platform for delivery of medical radionuclides to tumor cells has to be tested. In particular, it is interesting to verify the effectiveness of radionuclide-doping of AuNP (leaching, transport and irradiation of healthy tissue have to be prevented) and of dose delivery. Moreover, the potential synergetic effect of the ionizing radiation emitted by the radionuclide and the AuNP radiosensitizing needs to be verified. 

Selected publications

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