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Research Groups

Research studies in URBC are organized into the following themes :
  • TumHyp : Tumor Hypoxia
  • DYSO : the dialogue between the mitochondria, the nucleus and the other organelles
  • SAGE : Stress and ageing - stress-induced premature senescence (SIPS)
  • DoME : Dynamics of Membranes & Endocytosis
  • Applied research :
    •  Transcription factors : development of new assays to identify the transcriptional regulators captured by a regulatory sequence. This research includes the study of signal transduction, transcription factors as well as proteomics and transcriptomics analyses for which the lab is fully equipped.
      Our group has a longstanding expertise in proteomics. Over the last years this expertise has been applied to food and feed analyses.
  • Administrative and technical staff