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Effects of cycling hypoxia on tumor angiogenesis and inflammation

In collaboration with Prof. O. Feron (FATH, UCL)

Effects of cycling hypoxia

The different tumor microenvironment components, both cellular like endothelial cells or tumor associated macrophages (TAMs) and physicochemical such as cycling or chronic hypoxia, all favor tumor development. Hypoxia initiates angiogenesis and the recruitment of monocytes, which will become TAMs. If these effects are now well described, few data are available regarding the reciprocal effects of TAMs on endothelial cells and angiogenesis and on cancer cell metastasis. Even less known is the influence of hypoxia, both cycling and chronic, on these parameters. The objective of this project is to study systematically the effects of both types of hypoxia on the influence of TAMs on cancer cell migration as well as on endothelial cells and their inflammatory and angiogenic phenotype. In parallel, the effects of cycling and chronic hypoxia will be investigated on the endothelial cells and on the effects that these cells have on TAMs, notably regarding their polarization. Studies on murine tumor models as well as on human tumor biopsies are developed in order to confirm in vitro results. All together, these results will allow to better understand the dialogue between the different cell types present in tumors and of the consequences of these interactions on tumor growth and metastasis.

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