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Inside the cell response and regulation mechanisms

The URBC includes 40 researchers and technicians studying 5 different fields. The researches are devoted to the understanding of cell response mechanisms in normal and pathological situations.

The URBC also develops more applied researches associated with proteomics development and nanotechnologies.

Research studies in URBC are organized into the following themes :

Team Building 2019

  • TumHyp : Tumor Hypoxia
  • DYSO : the dialogue between the mitochondria, the nucleus and the other organelles
  • SAGE : Stress and ageing - stress-induced premature senescence (SIPS)
  • DoME : Dynamics of Membranes & Endocytosis
  • Applied research :
    •  Transcription factors : development of new assays to identify the transcriptional regulators captured by a regulatory sequence. This research includes the study of transcription factors as well as proteomics analyses for which the lab is fully equipped.
      Our group has a longstanding expertise in proteomics. Over the last years this expertise has been applied to food and feed analyses.