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Allergens and Proteomics

Allergen Detection and Mass Spectrometry

 Allergens and Proteomics

According to the European regulation (1169/201114), 14 food allergens should be clearly identified on food product labels containing milk, peanut, egg, soybean, fish, crustaceans, cereals containing gluten, tree nuts, celery, lupin, mustard, sesame, molluscs, and sulfur dioxide. However, the undeclared presence of these allergens in food products is still widespread. This situation can endanger people suffering from food allergies representing 2-3% of adults and at least 8% of children in the whole human population.

To help food producers in the declaration of hidden food allergens and to improve food labeling in Belgium, two projects [ALLERMASS (2014) and ALLERSENS (2016)] supported by the SPW are running in URBC-NARILIS (UNamur) in close collaboration with CER (Centre Economie Rurale) Group (Marloie).